PURE office & showroom

Rue Saint Denis 2
B-1190 Brussels

+32 (0)2 494 01 73


Stijn Verlinden

gained experience in large corporate multinationals, from Philips to British American Tobacco. He also provided communication consultancy to major brands such as IKEA, Nike and Sony. That didn’t keep him from supporting niche brands such as Atelier 11, Café Costume and Morrison. Because you never know where there can be a cross-over.

Tom Tack

is a Master in Conceptual Design, graduate from the Eindhoven Design Academy. His creative skills lead him from Ghent to Talinn and Milan. He worked with the Campana brothers and won The Great Expectations Award, organized by Frame Magazine. His visual insight and creative perfectionism are indispensable.


Cassandra Tsigros

PR & Influencer assistant

Debbie Janssens

PR & Influencer manager

Mohammed Urus

PR & Influencer assistant

Estelle Crusnaire

PR & Influencer manager

Justine Quenon

PR & Influencer manager

Léa Van Eyll

PR & Influencer assistant

Leo Derksen

Fetch Manager